API User's Guide

API versions

Updates to the API are designed so that every new version remains compatible with earlier versions. As parts of the API are upgraded, the older replaced parts are deprecated but are not removed, so that existing applications can still use them.

The functionality that Alloy Navigator Express API delivers is specified by the "API Version" identifier. The default version is the latest one.

To access a specific version of the API, specify its identifier in the API URL. For example:


IMPORTANT: If you do not specify the API version number in an URL, the system assumes the default v2 version.

The table below provides a brief overview of API versions.

API Version Alloy Navigator Express Version Description


8 or later

This version supports HTML text in the Description field.



In this version, the Description field for Tickets is a Memo (plain text) field.

Chose this version, if you want to treat the Description as a plain text field.