Administration Guide

User Input for Creating Objects

Creating object requires input data, which comes in the form of predefined initial property values defined by the Template. For example, all of the Persons created using the "Technician" Template will automatically populate the Type field with the "Technician" value, when Persons created using the "Customer" Template will have "Customer" type.

The majority of Templates allow the user to enter the details directly in the object’s details window. However, several Templates for Tickets prompt the user to enter data through a pop-up dialog box, referred to as a Create Ticket Form. Those Ticket Templates are marked as system and cannot be deleted. The main benefit of using customizable Forms is that they are designed to request only the information needed for a specific situation. For example, the "Quick Request" Template requires the user to quickly fill in main Ticket fields, such as Summary, Description, Category, Urgency, Impact, etc.