Administration Guide

Setting Up Support Hours

Support hours define working days, working hours, holidays, and any other exceptions (such as overtime) to the work schedule. Alloy Navigator Express allows you to specify one week-long schedule for support hours. ANX uses specified support hours in the Calendar view, which is available in the Service Desk module of the Desktop App. In Workflow Management, you can use support hours in Ticket Prioritization business policies to re-schedule the Ticket in accordance to its priority.

A typical work week is set from Monday through Friday with a work day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, however Alloy Navigator Express allows you to customize support hours to meet the needs of your organization.

Each technician has a personal work calendar, which is essentially a combination of the corporate support hours and their individual list of personal events such as vacations, personal days, and other time off.

INFO: For details on personal events, see Managing Personal Event Categories.

To set up support hours, you should customize regular support hours and specify holidays and other corporate days off.