Administration Guide

Limiting Attachment Size

Since files attached to Alloy Navigator Express objects are stored in the database, attaching large files may significantly increase the database size and reduce performance of your database server. You can put a limit on the file size of attachments.

NOTE: You can also limit the size of files attached to outgoing e-mail notifications. For details, see Configuring the Notifications Settings.

To limit the attachment size:

From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > General > System Performance.

  • Under Attachments, select the Limit attachment size to check box and enter the limit in MB.

The specified attachment limit applies to all Alloy Navigator Express objects. When the user attempts to add a large attachment exceeding the maximum allowed size, Alloy Navigator Express rejects the operation and generates a corresponding error message to the user.

To remove the attachment size limitation:

  • Clear the Limit attachment size to check box.