Administration Guide

Setting Up Site Ownership

Each Network Node (i.e. a computer or a network device) in Network Inventory belongs to a Site. However, a node can appear in more than one Site. For example, a laptop may be discovered and audited in a Site for the Western Branch, then taken on a business trip and discovered in a Site for the Main Office. In this case, this laptop appears in two Sites at the same time.

INFO: For details, see the Network Inventory User’s Guide: Sites and Sources.

Network Inventory uses the “Owned by Site” attribute to identify the owner of each Network Node. By default, Network Inventory makes the Site where the node was discovered during the most recent audit the node's owner. If you want to track the Site where the node was discovered during the very first audit as the node's owner, make the following changes:

  1. From the Side Bar, navigate to Network Inventory > Repository Options.
  2. Under Site Ownership, click First received audit snapshot or first discovery of the Network Node.

    To restore the default setting, choose the Last received audit snapshot or last discovery of the Network Node option.

  3. Click Save.

NOTE: By default, the "Owned by Site" column is not included in any of the grid views for Network Nodes. To show the column in a particular view you should modify the view configuration and add the Owned by Site field.