Administration Guide

Setting the Default Software Group

Network Inventory allows you to classify detected software into the four predefined groups:

  • Primary By default, Network Inventory puts all newly created products into the Primary group. You can use this group for all commercial software you want to track. If you want to make any other group as the default group, you can do so in the Settings.
  • Secondary When you do not need to track certain software, such as freeware or open source software, you can assign those products to the Secondary group. Later, to exclude such records from data views, create a filter to leave out products from the Secondary group.
  • Prohibited Your company policy may prohibit the use of unauthorized software such as computer games or multimedia players. You can assign those products to the Prohibited group and generate alerts when a prohibited software is detected.
  • Ignored Products from the Ignored group will be skipped during the software discovery process, and their installations will not be recorded. Typically, you would put in this group all products that have no effect on the software licensing policy in your company.

You can specify the default group for all newly created Software Products as follows:

  1. From the Side Bar, navigate to Network Inventory > Software Catalog > Settings section.
  2. Under Software Discovery Options, select the default group from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.