Administration Guide

Modifying Software Manufacturer Properties

You can modify the properties of a Software Manufacturer as follows:

  1. From the Side Bar, navigate to Network Inventory > Software Catalog > Software Manufacturers.
  2. Double-click a Software Manufacturer record to bring up the Manufacturer [Manufacturer Name] window.
  3. Modify the manufacturer’s properties as needed. The following properties are available:
    • Manufacturer— The name of the manufacturer for the product (required, auto-populated).
    • Web Page— The software manufacturer’s Web site address. This field requires manual entry. When the field is populated, you can open the Web site in your Web browser by clicking the Web Page link.
    • Aliases— The list of alternative names, or aliases, for the manufacturer’s name. To add an alias, click New, type in the alias name, and click OK.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.