Administration Guide

Organizing the Display of User-Defined Fields

When viewing details of a record, all user-defined fields that you have added are displayed on the Custom Data tab. When the user opens an object record, this tab appears if you have created at least one UDF field for the object class.

NOTE: User-defied fields are available for all Network Inventory records: All Nodes, Computers, and Network Devices.

To organize the display of user-defined fields, follow these steps:

  1. From the Side Bar, navigate to the field list of the object class where you want to organize the UDFs. For example, for Computer records, go to Network Inventory > Fields > Computers.
  2. Click Layouts > UDF Layout on the Module Menu. The UDF Layout window opens.
  3. If you want to change the display order, select a field and use the Move Up, or Move Down buttons to change its position.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can drag and drop fields to a new position.

  4. If you want to group fields on the Custom Data tab of the object details window, follow these steps:
    • To add a group separator:
      1. Select the field before which you want to add a separator and click Groups > New Group. The New Group window opens.
      2. Type in a caption for the group and click OK. To create a group without a caption, type in a single hyphen (-).
    • To change a group caption:
      1. Select the group caption and click Groups > Rename. The Rename window opens.
      2. Type in a new group caption and click OK.
    • To ungroup fields, select the group caption and click Groups > Delete. If there are other groups, the fields from the deleted group will be added to the preceding group.
  5. Click OK.