Administration Guide

Adding User Defined Fields

IMPORTANT: When creating UDFs, you alter the database’s structure. We recommend that no users access the Network Inventory console at that time.

To create a user-defined field, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Side Bar, navigate to the object records where you want to add a UDF. For example, for Computer records, go to Network Inventory > Fields > Computers.
  2. Click New > User Defined Field. The User Defined Field window appears.
  3. In the Field Name field, enter the name of the new field. The name is prefixed with UDF_.

    IMPORTANT: The field name must be unique within the object class.

    NOTE: Network Inventory allows you to enter in this field English letters, numbers, and low line characters (_). Additionally, you cannot end the name with the _id sequence.

  4. Choose the field type from the Field Type list.
  5. The Custom Label field is automatically populated with the field name. You can keep this label or customize it.
  6. For a Lookup field: Under Lookup Values, add drop-down list items:
    1. Click Add to add a new line.
    2. Type in a value.

      Repeat these steps to add as many items as needed.

  7. To arrange items in the list, use Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  8. Click OK.

    IMPORTANT: For your changes to take effect, you and other users must restart the Network Inventoryconsole.

    NOTE: By default, user-defined fields are not included in any grid view. To show the column in a particular view you should modify the view configuration and add UDFs as needed. For details, see the Network Inventory User’s Guide: Working With Data Views.