Audit Snapshot Viewer

The Alloy Audit Snapshot Viewer is a standalone tool for viewing audit snapshot files (.adt for computers or .adtx for Chromebooks). This tool is shipped with Network Inventory and installed in the \Program Files\Common Files\Alloy Shared\AuditViewer\bin folder. The name of the Audit Snapshot Viewer executable file is AdtViewer.exe. Audit snapshots can only be opened with the Audit Snapshot Viewer.

NOTE: The Audit Snapshot Viewer can't open scan files (.scn) directly. However, you can view the information in the scan file when viewing the accompanying audit snapshot file (.adt).

To open audit snapshot with the Audit Snapshot Viewer:

  • Right-click an .adt or .adtx file and select Open with Alloy Audit Viewer from the pop-up menu. Content of the snapshot appears in the Audit Snapshot Viewer window.

  • Run the AdtViewer.exe (located in the \Program Files\Common Files\Alloy Shared\AuditViewer\bin folder). The Audit Snapshot Viewer starts and displays the Open Audit Snapshot window. Browse for the audit snapshot you want to view and click Open.

  • Run the Audit Snapshot Viewer from the command line specifying the name of the desired audit snapshot file as the parameter:

    AdtViewer.exe [FileName]

    where [FileName] is the name of the .adt or .adtx file you want to open.

    INFO: You can manually associate audit snapshot files with the Alloy Audit Snapshot Viewer. For details, see Associating Snapshot Files with the Audit Snapshot Viewer.