Access denied because the license limit has been exceeded


When you attempt to access Alloy Navigator Express, the following messages may appear.

Access to Alloy Navigator Express is denied because the license limit has been exceeded. Please contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.


Depending on the purchased license, there is a limit you must comply with. You cannot access Alloy Navigator Express, if you exceed that limit.


Contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator to report the situation.

More information for administrators

The User Access License identifies the number of technicians who can have access to the product. Alloy Navigator Express supports two licensing models: Named Users and Concurrent Users. Your product license can be based on the fixed licensing (either Named Users or Concurrent Users model) or you can use the mixed licensing (that combines both models).

INFO: For details, see Concurrent Users, Named Users, Combined License.

IMPORTANT: Only Technician accounts count against your product license. SSP Customer accounts have no license restrictions.

TIP: To get information about your license, you can use the License Information macros. For details, see Alloy Navigation Administration Guide: System Macros.