Logging in to Alloy Navigator Express

To start working with Alloy Navigator Express, you need to log in to the system. To log in, provide your credentials in the Log in to Alloy Navigator Express window:

  • If you use a Windows account, Alloy Navigator Express authenticates you with your current Windows credentials. Just review your Windows user name in the Username field and click OK to proceed.

  • If you use a Standard account, type in your user name and password in the Username and Password fields, and then click OK to log in.

TIP: If you have difficulties to log in to Alloy Navigator Express, contact your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.

NOTE: You can choose to hide the Log into Alloy Navigator Express window and log in automatically. For details, see Applying advanced preferences: Showing and hiding the Login dialog.

Working with multiple connections

Sometimes you may need to work with more than one Alloy Navigator Express database or log in to the Alloy Navigator Express under different accounts (for example, when testing the workflow). These scenarios require creating additional connections. A connection is a combination of the credentials for your personal Alloy Navigator Express technician account and the information about the database to connect.

You can create as many connections as you need. When you have more than one connection, the Log in to Alloy Navigator Express window shows the Connection drop-down list, and you can choose the desired one when logging in to Alloy Navigator Express.

To manage connections, click Manage Connections and use the Connection Manager to create, modify, or delete your connections.