Modifying user macros

You modify user macros in the Customization > General > Macros section of Settings App.

NOTE: You can expand all groups of macros by choosing Expand All from the pop-up menu. To collapse the expanded groups, choose Collapse All.

TIP: If your configuration contains many macros, you can use a standard filter box to navigate directly to the macro you need. Press CTRL+F and type in your text in the filter box that appears above the grid of macros. As you type, the grid will show only those macros that contain the entered text. For details, see Searching for text in grids.

To modify a user macro:

  1. In the Customization > General >  Macros section, double-click the macro in the list. The Macro window opens.

  2. Make modifications as needed.

  3. Click OK.

TIP: You can modify user macros on the fly when configuring a workflow item or component or modifying Templates for Self Service Portal notifications. To open the Macro window, right-click the selected placeholder and choose Placeholder Definition.