Customizing E-mail Notification styles

E-mail Notifications are automatic e-mail messages triggered by various events in Alloy Navigator Express to notify the people involved in the workflow. If your E-mail Notifications use HTML formatting, you can customize their appearance in the Customization > General > CSS Styles > Outgoing HTML Notification section.

NOTE: E-mail Notification styles apply to notifications that support HTML format, i.e. workflow notifications and SSP notifications. Administrative alerts do not support HTML format, therefore the CSS do not apply to them.

To customize the current style:

  1. Customize CSS style definitions as you need. Make sure not to delete or modify existing CSS class names and selectors.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To save the current style to a .css file:

  1. Click Save To File. The Save Stylesheet to window opens.

  2. Browse for the location to save the file to, then enter the file name and click Save.

To import the style from a .css file:

  1. Click Load From File. The Load Stylesheet from window opens.

  2. Browse for the .css file and click Open.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

TIP: When you import the style from a file, you replace the current style definition. You may want to export your current style to a file for backup purposes before doing the import.