Customizing your workflow configuration

The Workflow Configuration section in the Settings App is where you can easily fine-tune your Alloy Navigator Express business logic. This section contains workflow parameters that eliminate the need for modification of Templates for -Email Notifications (see Inserting Placeholders) and other workflow items and components. For example, once you specify a value (a person) for the Administrator parameter, all administrative alerts and notifications will be sent to that Administrator.

To customize configuration parameters of a workflow process:

  1. In the Side bar, go to Customization > General > Workflow Configuration.

  2. Select a workflow process from the middle navigation bar. All the configuration parameters available for this process appear on the right, under the process name.

  3. Customize the available workflow parameter as your business logic requires.

    TIP: For example, under Administration, select a person who will receive administrative alerts and notifications from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can click the ellipsis button and double-click a Person you want to choose as a recipient. You can also create a new Person record in the Select Person window (for details, see Selecting a Person record).

  4. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.