Modifying Login

If you want to substitute a user, or change his authentication type, it is not necessary to create and configure new Alloy Navigator Express account. You can modify an existing one.

To modify login settings:

  1. Go to Accounts and Roles > Accounts

  2. Double-click the account to modify. The User Account window opens.

  3. Click Modify in the Account information section. The Modify Login window opens.

  4. To change user authentication type:

    • For Windows authentication: Type a Windows user account (domain or local) in the Login field.

      Alternatively, you can click the Find button to bring up the standard Windows Select User dialog box. The dialog box allows you to quickly find a domain or local user account. For example, you can choose a location to search in, enter the user name to find and click Check Names. Select a found user name in the list and click OK to close the dialog.

    • For standard authentication: Type the user name (login) and password.

    To associate the account with another person:

    • Click the ellipsis button in the Person field and double-click the Person you want to associate with this account.

  5. Click OK to save login settings.

  6. Click OK