What's New in Version 8.7.1

September 2020

Version 8.7.1 is a maintenance release. It provides a number of enhancements and resolves some issues reported in previous versions.

  • Database upgrade no longer resets customized workflow settings to their defaults. Now all your workflow customizations, including macros, CSS styles, and notifications, stay intact during the upgrade or migration.

  • Added native TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support to harden the security of encrypted connections to Exchange Online through EWS and Microsoft Graph.

  • Resolved the issue with accessing IT asset records from the Assets tab on the Purchase Order screen. Some users encountered a "You do not have enough permission to View this item" error even though they had appropriate permissions.

  • Resolved the issue with the person's Title field values missing on the full form.

  • Resolved the issue with the application header bar showing twice after executing an action which creates new objects.

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.