What's New in Version 8.3.1

July 2019

Version 8.3.1 is a maintenance release. It introduces Alloy Audit Tools and resolves some issues reported in previous versions.

Inventory Scanner

  • Introduced Alloy Inventory Scanner, our mobile asset tracking solution, previously available only for Alloy Navigator Enterprise. It gives technicians the ability to identify, view, and inventory IT assets in /the field in real time via a wireless connection using their Android and iOS devices.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved the issue with Active Directory Synchronization failing to create Person records for Active Directory users containing special characters in their manager’s name.

  • Resolved the issue with displaying certain Unicode characters in email notifications when relaying mail through Microsoft Office 365.

  • Fixed the "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown" and "Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null" errors when attempting to create a network diagram in some environments.

  • The Web Console now properly calculates date range parameters for reports with multiple ranges, such as the KPI Trends report. Also, the Report Parameters dialog box now provides standard data range options: Today, This week, Last week, This month, etc.

  • Fixed the [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (SECCreateCredentials()).]SSL Security error when attempting to configure or access the Web Console. The error would happen when earlier versions of security protocols are disabled on the web server.

  • Self Service Portal configuration: changing the caption of the New Ticket Form now works as expected.

  • The Desktop Console no longer throws the "qryMain: Field not found" error when closing forms while the focus is on a user-defined lookup field.

  • Resolved the issue with exporting object templates in workflow.

  • Resolved the issue with the Attachment Area missing from the field list of workflow Ticket forms.