What's New in Version 8.2.2

September 2018

Version 8.2.2 of Alloy Navigator Express is a maintenance release. It enhances overall performance and fixes a number of issues reported in earlier versions.

Enhanced performance

  • The new version offers enhanced overall performance.

Resolved issues

Software recognition
  • The new version fixes the issue with duplicating Software Products records in Network Inventory. To address this issue, the logic of software recognition rules has been changed. Now strict Registry Conditions (conditions without wildcards) take precedence over non-strict Registry Conditions (conditions with wildcards for character substitution). This means that if a product in the Registry matches any strict Registry Condition, all non-strict Registry Conditions ignore that product.

  • Fixed UI issues (such as cropped controls and icons, cut off text, etc.) occurred when increasing the font size in Windows by more than 100% of the defaults.

Web Portal for technicians
  • Now the Web Portal displays minutes in the Time Spent and Cumulative Time Spent fields in Microsoft Edge.

  • Fixed the issue with some details reports generated empty under certain conditions.

  • Clicking the question mark on a wizard page no longer opens the previous page, but launches the help system as expected.

HTML support
  • The new version no longer adds unwanted HTML tags (such as quotation tags) to snippets inserted into HTML fields.

  • The new version fixes the issue with typing text in HTML fields on Action Forms. This issue affected these Ticket Actions: Reopen Ticket #28, Log Work #163, Assign to #810, Notify #2099.

Automation Server
  • Automation Server jobs no longer stop execution of long-running SQL queries, throwing the "Query timeout expired" error message.

Main Console
  • Fixed the issue with the Advanced Search. Previously, the Advanced Search failed when the search results grid had the Activity Count field added, or when the search was performed in the Activity Count field.

  • Long-running reports no longer fail with an "Execution Timeout Expired" error.

  • The KPI Incidents Trend report has been optimized, running faster even on large data.