Customize the bot configuration in Alloy Navigator Express

Introduced in 8.7.3

The Alloy Navigator bot configuration is an XML document that controls some aspects of the bot's interaction with Alloy Navigator Express. The configuration must be stored in the database, so after you make some customizations, you will need to import it to Alloy Navigator Express using the Settings App.

NOTE: You will be able to download the XML configuration using the download link in the instruction below.

Customize the configuration and import it to Alloy Navigator Express

  1. Click here to download a zip archive containing an XML configuration file for the Alloy Navigator Teams bot.

  2. Unzip the archive.

  3. Open the XML file with a text editor. For example, Microsoft Notepad or Notepad++.

  4. Inside the <Table> and </Table> tag pair, locate the Portal URL element and replace the example value with the actual URL of your Self Service Portal. For details, see Self Service Portal URL.

    <Table Name="cfgMobile_Applications">
    <Record ID="{DE562F85-44E6-44A7-BC93-B1E1FF3AD311}"
    	Configuration="&lt;Data&gt;&#xA;  &lt;Portal URL=&quot;;/&gt;&#xA;  &lt;Tickets&gt;&#xA;    &lt;CreateAction ID=&quot;797&quot;/&gt;&#xA;    &lt;UpdateAction ID=&quot;798&quot;/&gt;&#xA;  &lt;/Tickets&gt;&#xA;  &lt;ApprovalRequests&gt;&#xA;    &lt;ApproveAction ID=&quot;1748&quot;/&gt;&#xA;    &lt;RejectAction ID=&quot;1749&quot;/&gt;&#xA;  &lt;/ApprovalRequests&gt;&#xA;&lt;/Data&gt;&#xA;"

    TIP: You can view the Self Service Portal URL in the Settings App. Go to Workflow and Business Logic > Advanced > System Macros and copy the contents of the Self Service Portal Link field. For details, see Settings App Help: Customizing links to Alloy web applications.

    NOTE: If you want to customize how the bot creates tickets, change the CreateAction ID value from the default 797 to your custom form ID. For details, see Workflow form for creating tickets.

    Save the XML file.

  5. Launch your Alloy Navigator Express Settings App. For example, open the Alloy Control Panel and click Settings.

  6. In Settings, click Import Settings on the toolbar and import the XML bot configuration file. For detailed instructions, see Help: Importing configuration settings.

    NOTE: You cannot access the XML bot configuration in Settings. This feature is only available if you have the Enterprise edition of Alloy Navigator. If you want to change the configuration, you can download the default XML file again, make your changes, and import the new file, replacing the existing one. Should you have questions, contact our Support Team.

What does the configuration include?

The XML bot configuration in Alloy Navigator Express specifies the address of your Self Service Portal and defines which workflow items the bot uses for creating and updating tickets and working with approval requests.

What's next?

NEXT STEP: Obtain credentials from Alloy Navigator Express to allow the bot to access Alloy Navigator Express.