Minor Upgrade Within Version 8

Once a new version of Alloy Navigator Express 8.x has been released, you can apply a minor upgrade of your product within version 8. This chapter provides instructions for the minor upgrade and guides you through the upgrade process.

NOTE: Upgrade from a version earlier than 8 requires a multiple step migration process. For instructions, see Migration to the Latest Version.

We recommend that no users access Alloy Navigator Express 8 until you have completed the upgrade process.

The upgrade process includes the following steps:

  1. Stop the Automation Server before minor upgrade
  2. Upgrade Alloy Navigator Express 8:
    1. Upgrade Alloy NavigatorExpress 8 server components on the Automation Server computer
    2. Upgrade your Alloy NavigatorExpress 8 database (for details, see Upgrade your Alloy Navigator Express Express 8 database).
    3. Upgrade your existing Alloy NavigatorExpress 8 web services on the web server computer:
      • Upgrade the Web App
      • Upgrade the Self Service Portal
      • Upgrade the API module
      • Upgrade the Mobile App Service
    4. Upgrade Alloy NavigatorExpress 8 Desktop App installations (automatic upgrade)
  3. Start Alloy Automation Server 8
  4. For version 8.5 or earlier: Invite Technicians to Install the Mobile App
  5. For version 8.5 or earlier: Switch the Mobile App to the Native API Integration
  6. Update the Remote Audit Agents