Pilot Web Site for New Web Services

We recommend that you use a pilot web site for migration of Alloy Navigator Express web services:

  • Web App
  • Self Service Portal
  • API module
  • Mobile App Service

Install the new version of web services on the web server (IIS server) which currently hosts your production web services, to a new, different web site. You will use this new web site as the pilot site for all web services of the new version. Because the pilot site is temporary, it is convenient to use a temporary name, such as Alloy Navigator Express Express 8 Pilot Site. We also recommend installing each instance in its virtual directory. This will install all components of the new web services and let you test the new version with your pilot Alloy Navigator Express 8 database, while still using the existing system in production.

When moving Alloy Navigator Express Express 8 to production, you will reconfigure new web services to use the existing URLs that your users currently access, which will seamlessly replace your existing web services with the new version.