Keep the Notification Queue in the Pilot Database Paused

IMPORTANT: Customizing and testing your new workflow may trigger sending garbage notifications to real e-mail addresses that receive mail. In order to prevent unnecessary e-mail notifications, we recommend that you keep the Notification Queue in your pilot Alloy Navigator Express8 database paused. When the queue is paused, e-mail messages accumulate in the queue (where you can review them) and remain there until you resume queue processing or force-send individual messages. When you are ready to move Alloy Navigator ExpressExpress 8 to production, delete all notifications from the queue and resume sending notifications. We recommend doing this before starting Alloy Automation Server 8 on your flipped production database (for details, see Delete Test Notifications and Resume the Notification Queue ).

All database objects ( Computers, Tickets, Persons, etc.) migrate to Alloy Navigator Express Express 8 unchanged. However, due to the fact that Business Logic in Alloy Navigator Express8 has been enhanced, some configuration data gets modified during the migration.