Process of Migration to the Latest Version

This page contains all the steps you need to take to upgrade to Alloy Navigator Express 8 from an earlier version.

  1. Install Alloy Navigator Express 8
    1. Install Server Components of Alloy Navigator Express Express 8
    2. Create a Pilot Alloy Navigator Express 8 Database
    3. Activate Alloy Navigator Express 8
    4. Install and Configure the Web App 8
    5. Install and Configure the Self Service Portal 8
    6. Install and Configure the API Module 8
    7. Install and Configure the Mobile App Service 8 (deprecated)
  2. Configure Your Pilot Alloy Navigator Express 8
    1. Start Alloy Automation Server 8
    2. Optional: Review and Test Your Network Inventory Module
    3. Review Your Pilot Alloy Navigator Express Express8 Database
    4. Customize New Workflow
    5. Optional: Update Alloy Navigator Express 8 Pilot Data
  3. Deactivate Your Previous Version of Alloy Navigator Express
    1. Stop Alloy Automation Server of the Previous Version
    2. Force Users to Log Off
    3. Uninstall Alloy Navigator Express Web Services of the Previous Version
  4. Stop Alloy Automation Server 8 and Alloy Inventory Server 8
    1. Move Alloy Navigator Express 8 to Production
    2. Reconfigure Alloy Navigator 8 Express Web Services for Production Database and Production URLs
    3. Optional: Redirect Your Mail Connector to the Support Mailbox
    4. Delete Test Notifications and Resume the Notification Queue
    5. Start Your Alloy Automation Server 8
    6. Upgrade Client Components for Technicians
    7. Switch the Mobile App to the Native API Integration
  5. Perform Additional Steps
    1. If you are upgrading from version 7.0, optional: Install and Configure the API Module
    2. Invite Technicians to Install the Mobile App
    3. Optional: Uninstall Alloy Navigator Express of the Previous Version
    4. Optional: Remove Unneeded SQL Server Login Accounts