Customize Workflow Configuration Parameters

You should review your new workflow items and components and customize them as needed. Customization > General > Workflow Configuration is a good starting point.

Review all parameters and tailor the business logic to your needs. For details and instructions, see Administration Guide: Workflow Management.

The migration converts these user macros into workflow parameters:

The administrator’s primary e-mail address:
In ANX7: the Administrator Email macro: %[USR Administrator Email]%
In ANX8: the Administrator parameter, the Primary Email field’s value:
%[WPF Administrator.Primary_Email]%

The depreciation time frame:
In ANX7: the Depreciation Time Frame macro: %[USR Depreciation Time Frame]%
In ANX8: the Depreciation Time Frame parameter: %[WFP Depreciation Time Frame]%

The depreciation convention:
In ANX7: the Depreciation Convention macro: %[USR Depreciation Convention]%
In ANX8: the Depreciation Convention parameter: %[WFP Depreciation Convention]%

The migration replaces old user-defined macros with new workflow parameters in all workflow items. Normally, you do no need to change them after migration. However, if the administrator’s e-mail has not been found, you must specify it manually. Go to Customization > General > Workflow Configuration, click Administration, and review the value of the Administrator field. There must be the name of the person who receives administrative alerts and notifications.