How to set up automatic closure for Tickets and Change Requests

Introduced in 8.3

You can configure Alloy Navigator Express to automatically close Tickets and Change Requests that remain unmodified in a final statusClosed (Resolved for Tickets and Completed for Change Requests) for a specified period.

For example, you can set the time period to 14 days. It means that 14 days (the default) after a Ticket is resolved it will be automatically closed. Any updates to resolved Tickets, such as added comments from technicians, would restart this 14-day period. If you do not want Tickets to be closed automatically, set this property to zero days.

You can configure this feature as follows:

  1. In the Settings App, navigate to the Customization > General > Workflow Configuration > Tickets Automation or Change Requests Automation section, correspondingly.

  2. Under Automatically Close Resolved or Automatically Close Completed, enter the time period in days.

    To disable the automatic closure feature, set 0 (zero).

  3. Click Save.