How to change a logo image with the Web Configuration tool

Introduced in 8.7


The Web Configuration tool allows you to replace the Alloy Software logo shown on the web service's web pages with your custom logo image. You can also replace your custom logo with the new one using the same Web Configuration tool.

NOTE: The Web Configuration tool helps you set up Alloy Navigator Express web services (the Web App, Self Service Portal, the Mobile App Service, and the API module). Typically, Alloy Navigator Express web services are installed on a web server separately from the Alloy Navigator Express application. If you do not have access to the Web Configuration tool, ask your Alloy Navigator Express administrator for assistance.

Changing the logo

If you want to change the logo in your Self Service Portal, Web App, or a deprecated version of the Mobile App Service, do the following:

NOTE for Alloy Navigator Express administrators: Starting with version 8.7, we are retiring the Mobile App Service and replacing it with the API module. However, technicians will still be able to use the "deprecated" URL until you are ready to install the API module. For details, see Installation Guide: Switch the Mobile App to the Native API Integration.

  1. Click the Web Configuration tool icon from the Alloy Control Panel. Alternatively, you can start the Web Configuration tool from the Start > All Programs > Alloy Software >Web Configuration from the Start menu.

  2. In the navigation menu, click the web application where you want to change the logo (Self Service Portal, Web App, or a deprecated version of the Mobile App Service).

  3. In the Features section, click Configure. The Web Configuration wizard opens.

  4. On the Logo Image wizard's page, choose the Custom image option, click Load, select the image file to load and click Open. You can view the chosen image in the preview section.

  5. Once you complete the wizard, a new logo image appears on web service's Web pages.