Customizing the Ticket Form


NOTE: This version of the Mobile App is available on when you have the Mobile App Service installed and configured. In Alloy Navigator Express 8.7, the Mobile App Service is being deprecated. For details, see Installation Guide: Switch the Mobile App to the Native API Integration.

The Mobile App displays the details of Tickets using a special form that was designed specifically for mobile devices. The form contains only a limited set of fields. This field set is pre-defined in a special configuration file shipped with the Mobile App.

To add more fields on the form, remove unwanted fields, or change their display order, edit the Forms_Config.xml file as explained further. This file is located in the Config folder under the folder where your Alloy Navigator Express Mobile App Service files are stored:


The [PhysicalPathToYourMobileAppService] is the placeholder for the physical path to your Mobile Web Service files.

NOTE: In order to view the physical path to your Mobile App Service files, start the Web Configuration tool on the web server and navigate to your Mobile App Service using the sidebar. The path will be displayed in the main pane on the right hand side, among other configuration information.

INFO: For details on the Web Configuration tool, see Web Components.

The Forms_Config.xml file contains an <Object> tag corresponding to the Ticket form. The <Object> tag includes a <Fields> block, containing the field names to be displayed in the Mobile App.

To add a new field on the form, add the <Field Name="Field_Name"> tag inside the <Fields> section, where Field_Name is the name of the new field. For example, to add the UDF_Charge user-defined field, you should follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Forms_Config.xml file and open it with a text editor (for example, using Microsoft Notepad).

  2. Find the section that begins with <Object Name="Ticket">.

  3. Add the <Field Name="UDF_Charge" /> tag inside that section as displayed below.

  4. Save the Forms_Config.xml file.

    NOTE: You can easily revert to the original configuration by replacing your customized Forms_Config.xml file with the default Forms_Config.xml file from the Mobile App template. The template is available at \\System\WebAppsTemplates\Mobile\ under your Alloy Navigator Express 8 installation folder.

To remove a field from the form, delete the corresponding <Field Name> tag from the <Object> tag.

The Mobile App displays fields in the order as they are listed in the <Fields> section.