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Web Site

On-prem only

The page displays all web sites available on your web server (the Internet Information Services (IIS) server hosting your web application. Choose the site where you want to deploy the instance. If you are installing your instance as a web site, you can create a new site on this step.

To create a new site:

  1. Click Create a new site with the following parameters.

  2. Specify site parameters:

    • Site Name: Leave the default friendly name that will identify your site in the tree of sites on the IIS server, or type in a new name. The name must be unique on the IIS server.

    • IP Address: Leave the default * value, which means All Unassigned. If you must specify a static IP address for the Web site, type it in or select an IP address from the drop-down list (make sure to remove the "%*" portion of the IP address).

    • Port: Leave the default port number. When needed, enter a different port on which IIS services will listen to for requests made to this web site. If you specify a non-default port, users must specify the port number in requests to the server or they will not connect to the web site.

    • Physical Path: Leave the default path of the web site's folder. When needed, click the ellipsis button to navigate through the file system to find a different folder, or type in its physical path.

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