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Target Database / Backup Location

Updated in 2023.1

Microsoft SQL Server only

This page adapts to your scenario. Depending on your task, different controls are available.

  • Database: The name of the pilot (target) database. The pilot database is located on the same SQL Server instance where your production (source) database resides.

  • Configure advanced database properties (collation, storage, etc.): Specifies whether to use a non-default default collation and database file settings for the new pilot (target) database.

    • To use the default collation and database file settings, leave the Configure... check box clear. Use this option if you’re not sure about those settings.

    • To use a non-default collation for the database or change names, locations, or initial sizes for the database files, select the Configure advanced database properties (collation, storage, etc.) check box.

  • Enable backup: We recommend that your back up your database now. You will always be able to restore your database from this backup if something goes wrong.

  • Back up to: The full path to the backup file on the SQL Server computer. A backup copy is recommended for the production upgrade and required for the pilot upgrade or testing.