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The business logic has been modified


When you attempt to save your changes, this error message may appear.

You cannot complete the action because Alloy Navigator business logic has been modified. Please save the data you have entered, close the window, and launch the action again. If you have problems accessing the action, contact your Alloy Navigator administrator.


The issue occurs when the administrator changed your worfklow action while you were filling out the action form to make your changes.


Unfortunately, your changes will be lost as soon as you close the form. You can do the following:

  1. Note the changes you have made. If you want to save the text you have typed, copy it to the Clipboard.

  2. Close the action's dialog box or exit the wizard.

  3. Refresh the view (press CTRL+F5) to get the updates made by the administrator.

  4. Make sure that your changes are still compatible and retry, if appropriate. If you still need to use the action but can not access it, contact the Alloy Navigator administrator.