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Approving Change Requests


IMPORTANT: We recommend that you upgrade to the new, full-featured Approval Workflow to get the most out of Alloy Navigator for your Change Management. For instructions, see Installation Guide: Upgrade to the new Approval Workflow.

Typically, you can view the list of Change Requests awaiting your approval by selecting the "My Approvals" shared view in the "Change Requests", "My Tickets", or "All Tickets" grid.

In addition, your Alloy Navigator administrator can configure sending e-mail notifications about Tickets awaiting your approval.

Typically, you approve or rejects Change Requests by performing the following workflow actions:

  • Approve Request / Reject Request - these actions are typically available for Change Requests.

  • Mark Approved / Mark Rejected - these actions are available for your approval row in the Approvers list on the Approvals tab of a Change Request.