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Approvals tab


IMPORTANT: We recommend that you upgrade to the new, full-featured Approval Workflow to get the most out of Alloy Navigator for your Change Management. For instructions, see Installation Guide: Upgrade to the new Approval Workflow.

On this tab, you can set the way in which the Change Request is to be approved, and the nominated voters can approve or reject the request.

The tab displays the following sections:

Settings section - includes the common settings for all approvers of the Change Request:

Voting Method - here you define the rules for the approving process. The following methods are available:

Any Approved - requires that at least a single voter listed in the Approvers section approves the request.

Majority Decision - requires that 51% of voters or more approve the request (in any order).

Required Percentage - requires that the specified percentage of listed voters approve the request.

Single Vote Rejection - requires that all listed voters approve the request.

Sequenced Approval - requires that the request is approved strictly in the same order as the voters are listed in the Approvers section. To change the order of approvals, click Order on the Module menu under Approvers and organize the list in the Approvals Order window. Optionally, you can specify the time limit for approving the request by a single voter.

Approval Start Time - the time when the approving process starts.

Approval Deadline - the time when the approving process must be completed.

Approvers section - contains the list of nominated approvers. Alternatively, if the Change Request is to be approved by a single nominated person, this grid can be empty.

Each item in this grid corresponds to a single approval. Your Alloy Navigator administrator configures a set of workflow actions for approvals. These actions are available from the Actions menu in the Approvers section.

The Module menu in the Approvers section contains the following commands:

Open - to open the selected approval and its properties in the separate Approval window.

New - to add a new approver.

Delete - to remove an approver from the list.

Order - to open the Approvals Order window where you can re-order the list of approvers by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. This command is enabled when the "Sequenced Approval" is chosen in the Voting Method field.

Actions - the workflow actions available for the approval selected in the list. Typically, these actions include "Mark Approved", "Mark Rejected", and "Reclassify Approval".