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Customizing data grid density

Introduced in 2023.2

Applies only to the New Experience

This page explains how to modify density settings for data grids. Density refers to the spacing and layout of data in the grid to optimize the display for different preferences and screen sizes.

Density settings include three options: Compact, Comfort, and Condensed.

  • Compact: When this option is selected, the grid displays data with minimal spacing between rows and columns. Use this option to fit more information within the visible area of the grid. Note that it may result in smaller text and less white space, which could make it harder to read.

  • Comfort: This density option strikes a balance between information density and readability. It provides a moderate amount of spacing between rows and columns, making it easier to read and interact with the data while still displaying a reasonable amount of information on the screen.

  • Condensed: Enabling this option introduces more spacing between rows and columns, resulting in a more ope layout. It may be especially useful on larger screens or when the data in your grids requires a cleaner presentation.

To modify data grid density:

  1. On the Module menu, select the Options button to access the Options menu

  2. Select a suitable option in the Density section.