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Marking records with colored flags

You can use colored flags for marking your Service Desk tickets, Computers Hardware, Purchase Orders, Tracked Software and Contracts. Flags help you quickly visually distinguish marked records in a grid. You can see flags in open records as well. Flags are also helpful for sorting, filtering, and grouping purposes.

IMPORTANT: Colored flags are personal, i.e. the flags set by you are visible only to you but not the other Alloy Navigator users.

Before you begin, make sure that the Flag Status column marked with the flag icon is shown in the grid. If not, add the Flag Status field to the grid. For details, see Showing and hiding record fields.

To flag a record:

  • Right-click the record, and then click Flags > [Flag Color].

You can show or hide all colored flags from the grid by clicking the flag icon above the grid.