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PO Items

The PO Items component displays the list of all purchase order line items in the company. Each PO Item is a record within a Purchase Order record that combines several identical assets of a particular type that can be described as one line item. A PO can contain multiple PO items, such as computers, hardware devices, or software licenses ordered from a single vendor. For example, if you want to prepare a purchase order for 20 notebooks, 20 sets of mice and keyboards, and 20 licensed copies of Windows 10 Professional from a single vendor, you must create one PO and add four line items to it: one for 20 notebooks, one for 20 mouse devices, one for 20 keyboards, and one for 20 licenses of Windows 10.

NOTE: You can add PO items only to the "draft" Purchase Orders. To add a PO item to a Purchase Order, click New > PO Item or New > PO Item (Product Catalog) on Module menu of the Items sub-tab.

To access the PO Items grid, select Purchasing > PO Items from the navigation menu.

Double-clicking any record in the Items sub-tab of the General tab of the Purchase Order window, opens the Preview window of the PO Item. To open the PO Item, click the Edit button in the Preview window.