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Software tab

This tab gives you access to the following tabs:

Discovered Installations tab

The Discovered Installations tab shows the Software Products installed on the Computer according to the audit data uploaded from Alloy Discovery.

The discovered installations are automatically reconciled with the available Software Licenses during the audit data upload from Alloy Discovery in accordance with the auto-allocation algorithm, but you can also reconcile a discovered installation manually.

NOTE: For details on auto-allocating Software Licenses to the discovered installations, see Allocating Software Licenses.

On the Discovered Installations tab, you can:

  • Reconcile a discovered installation with a Software License: click Reconcile and select the Software License. You can select only the licenses that are linked to the Tracked Software that includes the Software Product discovered on the Computer.

  • View the details of a discovered installation in the Software Installation window: double-click the discovered installation row in the grid.

Allocated Licenses tab

The Allocated Licenses tab shows which Software Licenses have been allocated to this Computer.

On the Allocated Licenses tab, you can: