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High Availability (HA)

Introduced in 2022.1

This article describes how to ensure continuity and minimal disruption in service delivery and simplify the management of a system backup plan using High Availability (HA) mode.

For organizations seeking improved operational reliability without the need for complex enterprise-level setups, our High Availability (HA) mode offers a practical solution. HA ensures your system remains functional even during server unavailability or scheduled maintenance.

This feature allows you to create a high availability group, comprising two Automation Server instances: primary and fail-over.

  • Primary instance: This instance is responsible for delivering Alloy Navigator services during regular operations on an everyday basis.

  • Fail-over instance: This is a backup component, ready to step in when needed. It operates in standby mode, monitoring the primary instance's health and status. When the primary instance encounters an issue or becomes temporarily unavailable, the fail-over instance automatically takes over its responsibilities.

Creating a High Availability group

To create an HA group comprising two Automation Server instances, install and configure an additional Automation Server. This instance will be your fail-over instance.

INFO: For details, see Installation Guide: Installing Alloy Navigator server components.

As soon as a second Automation Server is available, the Settings App will display the High Availability Mode section in Settings > Services > Automation Server.

Select the required Automation Server and click Set as Primary. As soon as the primary Automation Server is designated, the other server in the two-node group automatically becomes a fail-over instance.