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Not enough permissions to view/modify/edit/delete this item


When you attempt to access an item or perform any action, one of these messages may appear.

You do not have enough permissions to view this item.

You do not have enough permissions to modify this item.

You do not have enough permissions to edit this item.

You do not have enough permissions to delete this item.


Your Alloy Navigator account does not have sufficient permissions to perform the action.


Contact your Alloy Navigator administrator to request the permission. Describe the situation when the error occurs and include the error message text.

More information for administrators

Object classes in Alloy Navigator have granular permissions for controlling the interaction of technicians with these objects. Permissions are granted to technicians through their membership in security roles. Each security role contains a specific combination of permissions.

  • Delete — allows role members to delete objects.

  • Modify — allows role members to create and modify objects.

    IMPORTANT: The Modify permission should be granted only to administrators who have a good understanding of how direct modifications may affect the system. We recommend that all modifications of objects in Alloy Navigator are always implemented through workflow Actions. The availability of Actions is also controlled by security roles.

  • View — allows role members to browse and view objects.

Any technician can have membership in multiple roles, in that case the assigned roles contribute their permissions to the effective permissions of the technician account.