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General tab

The General tab displays the essential information about the Approval Stage. The information is organized in the following sections:

Upper unnamed section - displays the name of the approval stage, the object to be approved, its requester and a description of the Approval Stage. When the Object field is filled out, you can view its details by clicking the hyperlinked field label.

Categorization section - shows the type and category of the Approval Stage. The lists of types and categories are configured by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

Settings section- includes the common settings for all approvers of the task:

Approval Group - specifies the group name for all the approvers involved in the approval process.

Approval Start Time - specifies the time when the approval process starts.

Approval Deadline - specifies the target time when the approval process must be completed.

Single Vote Timeframe - specifies the time limit for approving the request by a single voter.

Minimum Vote Percentage - specifies the minimum percentage of the listed voters required to approve the request.

Approval Requests section - contains the list of assigned Approval Requests. Each item in this grid corresponds to a single request. The request can be assigned to a single nominated approver or to the approval group.

The Module menu in the Approval Requests section contains the following commands:

Open - opens the selected Approval Request and its properties in the separate Approval Request window.

New - adds a new Approval Request.

Delete - removes an Approval Request from the list.

Actions - contains the workflow actions available for the approval selected in the list.

This tab may also display various user-defined fields in an additional section if your Alloy Navigator administrator has configured them accordingly. The default name of this section is "Custom Data", although your Alloy Navigator administrator may have renamed this section.

NOTE: User-defined fields can appear also on the Custom Data tab (this is the default name of the tab; it can be renamed by your Alloy Navigator administrator).