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The Brands grid allows you to store and manage information about various brands including those of hardware manufacturers, software publishers, and other vendors of products and services. Brands are specified in a number of fields of object records, such as the Manufacturer fields in computer, hardware, asset, or software product records.

To access the Brands grid, click Tools > Reference Tables > Brands on the main menu.

To view the details of a Brand, double-click its record. The Brand window opens.

The Brand window contains the following fields and controls:

  • Brands - the brand name.

  • Organization - allows you to associate the Brand with an Organization.

  • Web Page - displays the brand’s Web site address. If the fields is filled out, you can open the Web site in your default Web browser by clicking the Web Page link.

  • Active - by selecting or clearing this check box you can temporarily activate or deactivate the Brand record. Inactive Brands are not shown in the drop-down lists and in the Select [Object] windows where you can choose a Brand. Nevertheless, if an inactive Brand was chosen earlier in any field, it remains shown in this field.

Alloy Navigator automatically creates Brands from audit snapshots collected by Alloy Discovery. You can also add Brands by clicking New in the Brands grid or in the open Brand window.