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Spell checking records

In order to check the spelling in any open record, you need to have the spell checking function enabled and its options set as needed. Alloy Navigator provides several options that affect the results provided by the spelling checker:

To check spelling in a record:

  1. Open the record.

  2. Click the tab where you want to check the spelling.

  3. To start the spell check, click Actions > Spelling on the Module menu.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can press F7 on your keyboard.

  1. When the spell checker finds a word it doesn't recognize, the Spelling window opens.

  2. In the Spelling window, choose an action to perform.

  3. Click OK.

Spelling window

The Spelling window allows you to adapt the spell checker to your needs.

Ignore - ignores this instance of the word if the unrecognized word is correctly spelled.

Ignore All - ignores all instances of the word if the unrecognized word is correctly spelled and there are multiple instances.

Change - allows you to replace the misspelled word with a word from the Suggestions list by double-clicking the suggestion or by selecting it and clicking Change. You can also correct the word yourself by typing the correct word in the Change to field and clicking Change.

Change All - same as Change, but affects all instances of this word in the current window.

Add - adds the unrecognized word to your default custom dictionary.

NOTE:Alloy Navigator stores custom dictionaries individually for each user.

Suggest - after you manually corrected the word in the Change to field, displays the possible variants from the dictionary in the Suggestions field.

Options - opens the Spelling Options window where you can set specific options for spell checking.

Undo - undoes the previous change.

Cancel - closes the window without any changes.