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Select [Object] window

You use the Select [Object] window to choose an object. For example, in the Select Manufacturer window you can choose a manufacturer for a computer or a hardware item, in the Select Person window you can choose an owner of a configuration item, in the Select Technicianwindow you can select an assignee for a Service Desk ticket and so on. These windows differ in names but you use them in the same way.

Typically, the Select [Object] window appears when you click the ellipsis button next to the field where the object is displayed.

When you open this window, it can either list all available objects of this type or be empty depending on configuration of the Desktop App; for details, see Applying advanced preferences: Configuring the selection dialogs.

To select an object in the Select [Object] window, use the following methods:

  • To find an object by the text contained in its record, enter the search criteria in the Text to find field, select the field to search, and click Find.

  • To choose the object, select it in the grid and double-click.

    NOTE: You can display all available records by clicking Find when the Text to find field is blank.