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Display options

With display options, you can customize the Desktop App appearance: change the style (skin), choose how the Sidebar looks, and change the font.

NOTE: The Desktop App style and font also apply to the other Alloy Navigator components installed on your computer, such as the Settings App, the Database Management tool, etc.

Options window - Display tab

You use the Display tab of the Options window to customize the appearance of the Desktop App. To access the Options window, select Tools > Options from the main menu.

Common Controls Styles section:

Special Controls Appearance section:

  • Main Sidebar - the style of the left navigation bar from where you can access Alloy Navigator components. For details, see Changing the Sidebar style.

Font Customization section - specifies the font for the most of screen elements: grids, lists, the Sidebar, the Action Bar, dashboard widgets, etc. For details, see Changing the font.

  • Use system font - the operating system's default system font.

  • Use custom font - the custom font and its size. The list contains all fonts installed on your operating system.

Applying display options

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