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Choosing a person

You may need to select a Person in the various open records, for example, if you're choosing an assignee for a ticket or a technician to add him/her to a technicians' group. Once you select a Person, the caption of the field where you entered the person becomes a hyperlink. You can click this field label to view the details of the person.

To select a person, in the open record, do one of the following:

  • Select the person record that you want to enter from the dropdown list.

  • Click the ellipsis button next to the appropriate field name to display the Select Person (Requester or Technician) window.

    NOTE: The Select Person (Select Technician, Select Requester) window can either list all available records or be empty depending on configuration of the Desktop App; for details, see Applying advanced preferences: Configuring the selection dialogs.

    Select a Person by using either of the following methods:

    • Select the desired person record in the grid and click OK.

    • To find a person by the letter(s) contained in his or her record, type the search criteria in the Text to find field, select the field to search, and click Find.

      NOTE: You can display all available records by clicking Find when the Text to find field is blank.