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Viewing the Product Catalog

The Product Catalog is made up of all the information needed to present any product to the customer and to complete a sales transaction online. Information to be included in the product database generally includes the manufacturer, part number, vendor, image or other multimedia information, product options or choices.

The Product Catalog consists of a number of products. To find a product matching your needs, use the following methods:

  • Search for the Product using the Advanced Search tool. For details, see Using the Advanced Search tool.

  • To access the Products Catalog grid, select either Purchasing > Product Catalog in the Sidebar, or Go > Product Catalog from the main menu.

Once a Product is found, you can edit its properties, manage a list of available Vendors or perform any of available actions for this Product. For details, see Managing the Product Catalog.

NOTE: You can use the Import tool to import products from other files and formats, such as Excel, other databases, text, etc., into the local Product Catalog. For details, see Import tool.

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