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Receiving PO Items

When you actually receive purchase order line items from their vendor, you may want to accordingly update the database by marking these PO items and the whole Purchase Order as received and creating relevant asset and, if applicable, configuration item records.

Typically, the Alloy Navigator database includes several similar workflow actions to receive PO Items: Receive Single Item, Receive Multiple Items, Receive All Items, and Mark Partial Order. These actions are configured for PO Items and appear:

  • On the Action Bar on the right of the open PO Item window.

  • On the Actions menu on the Items sub-tab of the open Purchase Order window.

Depending on the workflow in your organization, this action can be available in certain conditions, for example, after the proper authorization of the Purchase Order.

NOTE: You can use these "receive" actions only after the order is placed , that is, the Purchase Order with the list of items that you want to receive has the "Ordered" status.

These actions create asset or consumable records. The type of the newly created record (Computer, Hardware, Software License, or Consumable) is the same as the type of the received PO Item.

These automatically created Assets or Consumables are listed, respectively