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Checking reporting job results

After you have configured a reporting job, you can test the job and check its results to make sure it works correctly.

Before you begin, complete these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Automation Server is running. You can do this by checking the status of the Automation Server icon in the Settings App status bar. For details, see Starting and stopping the Automation Server.

  2. Make sure that the job you want to test is configured to save a report to a local or network computer or send it to the e-mail address you have access to.

To force run a reporting job and check its results immediately:

  1. Go to Services > Scheduled Reports > Reports, select the job you want to test and click Run on the Module menu. If the command is unavailable, click Refresh to refresh the information.

  2. To verify whether the job has run and generated a report, double-click the job, go to the Sessions tab, and review the latest entry at the top. Double-click the entry to view its details. For details, see View reporting job sessions.

  3. If there are no errors in the log entry, go to the report file destination stated in the entry (a local or network computer or an e-mail address).

  4. Open and view the report to see whether it has been generated correctly.