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Specifying Related CI template for Ticket records

Ticket records (Change Requests, Incidents, Problems, and Work Orders) have the Related CI field, where users can associate the Ticket with a related Configuration Item (CI). According to ITIL® Glossary, a Configuration Item (CI) is any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT Service. Alloy Navigator allows users to specify one of the following objects in the Related CI Ticket’s field: a Computer, Configuration, Document, Hardware, Location, Network, Organization, Person, Service, Software License, Tracked Software, or Group.

When the user specifies a related CI for the Ticket, the Related CI value is displayed as a combination of various object attributes. You can configure a template to define how Alloy Navigator displays the value in this field.

To customize the template for the Related CI field:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Workflow and Business Logic > Configuration Management > All Configuration Items > Options.

  2. Under Related CI Template, the current template, where the following placeholders are used:

    • [Class] — the object class.

    • [Type] — the object type.

    • [ID] — the object identifier.

    • [Asset Tag] — the object Asset Tag (applies only to Computer, Hardware, and Software License records associated with Assets).

    • [Name] — the object name.

  3. Modify the template as needed using one of these options:

    • Select another pre-defined template from the Current Template list.

    • Create your own template by typing placeholders in the desired order and separating them as you need.

    NOTE: When the Related CI field displays an object that does not have an attribute used in the template, the placeholder will insert a space.

  4. Click Preview and preview an example of theRelated CI field value with your template applied.

  5. Click Save.