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Testing outgoing e-mail settings

After you have specified the outgoing e-mail configuration and message options, you can test the connection to the outgoing mail server and send a test message to verify your settings.

NOTE: Test messages are not queued but sent immediately.

To test your outgoing e-mail settings:

  1. In the Notifications > E-mail Notifications > Settings section, click Test Settings. If the "The test message cannot be sent..." error appears, make sure that the Automation Server is configured and started. For details, see Starting and stopping the Automation Server.

  2. When the Send Test Message window opens, enter a valid a-mail address you want the test message sent and click OK.

    • If the "Test message has been sent" message appears, open the e-mail box where you sent the test message to and review the result.

    • If the "The Automation Server is running but message has not been sent..." error appears, see the error text and correct the situation that caused this error.

  3. To view the log data about sending your test message, open the Outgoing Notifications Log and review the latest entry at the top.